About 01 Architecture

01 Architecture – sounds like a top notch architecture firm doesn’t it? Well, it’s not exactly that. While we do love the world of architecture, that’s not why this wonderful website was brought to life.

So, why was this oasis of information created? I’m an architect – actually I used to be an architect. Name’s Beauregard. Beauregard Minkovich. You can call me Regard – just kidding call me Beau.

Ok, now that we got that out of the way, time to actually tell you what’s what. I love architecture, always and always will. So, throughout my years, I noticed one thing in particular about many of my clients – they didn’t really know anything about roofing.

It is now my duty, my calling, my destiny to give the world as much knowledge about roofing as I possibly can. Afterall, it’s the most important part of your home (besides the foundation, duh).